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Technical Support

As per our mature experience in BIM implementation with the leading enginering and construction entitiy in the Middle East region, we offer BIM project consultancy and techincal suppport services to assist teams in meeting broader technology integration objectives. By focusing on the application of BIM technology, we aim to improve project delivery and deliver higher quality projects.
  • BIM Contents creation.
  • Project BIM production support
  • Project Initiation –team definition, project objectives, project phases, and overall communication plan.
  • Modeling Plan – determine specific modeling software, model managers, deliverables and level of detail (LOD) to be used on the project.
  • Analysis Models - determines the project approach for analysis, including 3d, 4d, environmental and visualization.
  • Project Collaboration and Communication Plan – determines communication protocol, collaboration and document management during construction phases.
  • Project Technology Plan - software, infrastructure and hardware requirements to be use by the project team.
  • Project BIM management guidelines
  • Staffing Plan - includes organization requirements to maintain the BIM initiative, roles and responsibilities, skills and training requirements, BIM project staffing methodology
  • Systems Implementation Plan – including communication plan, training plan and support plan.
  • Corporate Collaboration Plan – including document management, folder and file structures.
  • Corporate Technology Plan – including software, infrastructure, and hardware requirements.
  • Corporate BIM management guidelines.