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BIM-ME industry-leading consultants are ready to use their knowledge and experience to help your organization gain the greatest benefits from BIM technology for design.

From initially understanding your organization’s requirements through implementing systems, processes and standards, BIM-ME's goal is to collaborate with you to deliver the greatest gains and the best return on your investment. This is achieved by developing a close working relationship, building mutual goals and sharing knowledge with our customers.


Using the latest technologies and processes within the Building Information Modeling, BIM-ME can bring major benefits in productivity, quality, and efficiency while reducing risk.

From Needs Analysis to Project Delivery

From the initial investigation and analysis of your organization’s needs and goals, through implementation and project management, BIM-ME’s Consultancy team has the technical skills and experience to ensure the right processes that are introduced effectively.

From Concept to Completion... and beyond.

BIM-ME vision has always been to view the whole building lifecycle. It delivers solutions from the initial concept stage passing through the construction phase until reaching the facilities management and completing the whole project. Such a goal is made achievable by our expertise which covers all design disciplines in BIM and also extends to processes, coordination, collaboration and data management. These technologies and management techniques support our ability to propose, provide and service a wide range of BIM tools to the highest standards.

BIM-ME Consultants

BIM-ME consultants which comprises experts in architecture and engineering (structural and MEP), offers industry-leading expertise. In addition to technology knowledge, this expertise comes from an understanding of management and processes. The consultants’ skills are gained from industry experience in BIM-ME and through working within client organizations. Each consultant is specialized in particular areas, and works as a part of a consultancy team to ensure that a complete solution is achieved.

Consultancy Areas

• Design Processes

• Project & Document Standards

• Software Implementation

• Project Consultancy

• System Integration