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  • Advance Structure Analysis "Using Etabs" - Dubai
  • Advance Structure Analysis
  • Category: Structure Engineering Courses
  • Country: Dubai
  • Comprehensive hands-on training course on using Etabs to analyze an entire tower from foundation to superstructure. Additionally, the course includes designing all vertical and horizontal elements subjected to static gravity and lateral load by using in addition SAFE, SAP, & S-Concrete Software's.
  • 1- Modeling of the building on Etabs:
    - Import from Autocad
    - Meshing using advanced method
    - Assignment of loads
    - Static analysis
    - Dynamic analysis
    - Check of model if it is stiff against seismic and wind load.
    2- Design of Ribbed Slab Using Prokon.
    3- Design of 2 Way Solid Slab.
    4- Design of Reinforced Concrete Beam.
    5- Design of Reinforced Concrete Column (regular and irregular shape using PCA column).
    6- Design of Single Footing Using Prokon.
    7- Design of Basement Wall.
    8- Design of Basement Wall Footing.
    9- Design of Strap Beam.
    10- Design of Deep Beam.
    11- Design of Shear walls.
    12- Raft Foundation Design.
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    CourseStart DateDaysTimeHours
    Advance Structure Analysis "Using Etabs" - Dubai
    17/07/2024MWF18:30 - 21:3046 HRegister