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The Third Annual BIM Conference

The Third Annual BIM Conference

The Third Annual BIM Conference
February 2015 was the 3rd gathering of BIM experts across the world including representatives from the construction, engineering and architecture industry to discuss and showcase technological innovations in the areas of BIM.The Conference was held in Dubai at the The Ritz Carlton for two consecutive full days (February 25 and 26).
Following the successful combination of presentation and workshops in the 2nd Conference, the 3rd Conference have featured presentations and workshops so that all participants got an overview of all the material and select to deepen their learning and broaden their network through the workshops that are most relevant to them.

The speakers and the organizations they represent have many years of experience in using BIM throughout all project phases and have achieved widespread successful BIM use on their projects. They are leaders in their companies in improving project performance through BIM-based practices and know how to identify and overcome the technical, process, managerial, and cultural challenges for effective and extensive BIM utilization.

BIM-ME was, for the second time, participating in this conference. This year as a SILVER sponsor for the event, Mr. Charbel Moussallem, BIM-ME’S Director, has presented “Far Beyond Common BIM: Burning Organic Digital Shapes Into Physical CNC Fabrication Values”.
For more information, visit http://bimconference.me/