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National Bank of Kuwait


  • Project Name
    National Bank of Kuwait
  • Client
  • Country
  • Category
    BIM Production
  • Project Type
    BIM Production
  • Project Duration
    From: 2015
  • Scope
    Located on a prominent site in Kuwait City, and Designed by Foster and Partners, the 300-meter-high headquarters tower for the National Bank of Kuwait will have a distinctive presence among the high-rise buildings of Sharq. The design combines ‪structural‬ innovation with a highly efficient passive form, shielding the offices from the extremes of Kuwait's climate, where temperatures average 40 degrees in the summer months. The tower’s cylindrical form opens like a shell to the north to avoid solar gain, while revealing views of the Arabian Gulf. The southern ‪Façade‬ is shaded by a series of ‎concrete‬ fins, which extend the full ‪height‬ of the ‪tower‬ to provide structural support.The crescent form maximizes cellular office space at the perimeter, and the tower’s sixty floors are punctuated by three double-height sky lobbies. As BIM-ME, we are the main ‪‎BIM‬ consultant in providing all the BIM ‪‎Management, ‪Production‬ and ‪Support‬ for the fit out packages starting from LOD‬ 300 till LOD 500 to Imar Trading & Contracting‬ - one of NBK's subcontractors.

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